Design Meetup Launched in Jinja

Another Creative Meetup hosted by The Creative Tribe with monthly design competition

On Tuesday 15th September, a small group of creatives gathered in a room to chart the way forward in launching a design meet-up for designers in Jinja. The design meet-up is a part of a series of gatherings presented by The Creative Tribe called Creative Meetups. These meet-ups are aimed at fostering optimal environments for creatives to network, learn, and collaborate.

From art school manager and creative director to programmers and enthusiasts looking to learn more about how design can impact their vision to communicate effectively, the 2-hour meeting was attended by about 12 individuals who varied in interests and experiences in the field of design. During the meeting, the facilitator emphasized the fact that the meetups are being established on the foundation of being relevant to its community resulting in the fact that each meetup and what happens can be customized in any way over time.

A plethora of things were agreed upon such as frequency —3rd Tuesday of each month at the Innovation Village Jinja from 5 pm – 7 pm—–, immediate activities, membership responsibilities, and of course that which is always at the forefront of every creative’s mind — food! The outline in the orientation continued to list various resources that will be available to meetup participants including communication platform, access to other events, and so on.

What really stole the show, however, was the announcement of a monthly design challenge. This monthly challenge will be announced online each month and is open to all designers within the community. Each month, community members will battle it out for cash along with other prizes —sponsored by Artfield Institute of Design— and bragging rights as top-dog for that month.

The design meet-ups are open to all designers looking to connect with other designers in the region. To get involved, email or call The Creative Tribe at or 0700677340. You can also find the event on our website or on the Tribe’s social media accounts @hicreativetribe

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