3 Tips for Taking Better Stock Photos

Thinking about joining Cushstock? We are building Africa’s biggest stock photo community! Here are 3 tips to help you start taking better stock photos today.


Composition Matters

Most of the time, stock photos are used for advertising. Designers usually need room for adding text and other elements to convey their messages–that along with making sure there are no other brand names or trademarks in the shot. When shooting photos for stock photography, a lot needs to be considered in terms of the placement of key elements within the photograph. Alternatively, photographers can collaborate with designers they trust to help line up shots, collaborations of this sort can be an advantage to everyone involved.


Take different shots

Again, following the logic that stock photos will most likely be used by advertisers, it is important to provide variations of each shot. The difference between a good photograph and the perfect stock photo for an ad can be the facial expression in a shot. It’s also important to note that variation in the position of your model/object can play a determining factor. If you have a model, take as many variations as you can, the more the better. Done tactfully, more variations can be an added advantage to advertisers, just don’t overdo it!


Go Large

It’s important to upload photos taken at the largest resolution that your camera supports. Advertisers usually need and really appreciate large photos. Most stock photo sites allow you to choose different download sizes. The larger, the better


Keep these tips in mind next time you shoot stock photos. If you are looking for stock photos or want to contribute to a growing repository of African-based stock photography, visit and get started today.

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