The Creative Tribe launches Virtual Exhibition Platform

.showroom helps art professionals transition and grow their art business online

.showroom is a full-service platform that offers various services for visual artists and galleries including curation, selling and logistics, booking & promotion. It is the closest thing to bring there in person, capturing real-time Arts, Culture, interactions with artists, and Exhibitions.

The virtual exhibition and market platform was designed by The Creative Tribe team and curated by 4/01 duo Nicole Remus ( Visual Arts Director at The Creative Tribe) and Anthony Jermaine Xavian Thompon (_ajx) ( A multi-disciplinary creative, coach, and co-founder at The Creative Tribe).

It was launched on the 25th June 2021 with a maiden show of Motiv Arts Salon Exhibition curated by upcoming curator and art journalist Mukholi Trevor. Produced in Uganda the platform connects artists and the art industry to new audiences with the sole purpose of creating engagement in cultural discourse amongst artists and their communities.

The platform aims at equipping galleries, artists, and other institutions interested in showing and selling fine art with affordable digital tools.


What the .showroom brings to the table

  • Virtually: Virtual Exhibition, Virtual Galleries, Virtual Gallery, Virtual Tours, and Virtual Space
  • Online: Online Gallery, Online Exhibition, and Online Space
  • Promotion: Fine Art, Photographers, Videographers, Publishers, and Graphic Design

Why the .showroom?

These days it takes more than a landing page and promotion plan to sell your products and services. A virtual online exhibition with the .showroom is the perfect multi-functional space to drive leads and sell more.


Why the .showroom virtual platform is beneficial for Gallerists, Artists and Exhibitors:

  • Global Reach: Reach interested buyers in all corners of the world
  • Interactive Exhibit Booths: Attract exhibitors who can share product info, chat with leads, and drive interest
  • Reduce Costs: Eliminate venue set up, travel, food, accommodation, and transportation costs
  • Reports And Insights: Understand your attendees in-depth by following their digital footprints

The digital experience of the .showroom may not be able to replace the real-life experience of being in front of the art, but it can surely enhance it. The idea is to broaden the range of options available to those who want to get more out of the experience. After all, art encompasses much more than what you see on the walls.

Visit the .showroom at

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