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Virtual Exhibition Platform to help grow art businesses and practices online

The showroom is a virtual exhibition and market platform aimed at equipping galleries, artists, and other institutions interested in showing and selling fine art with the tools to digitize affordably. The platform combines a virtual exhibition tool with a fully-fledged digital marketplace in a website and this is what makes it interesting it is convenient for the gallery and the end-user, there are no extra apps to be downloaded the users only have to click on a link, I used the showroom platform while curating the Art Salons in collaboration with the Creative Tribe and I must say I was impressed with the technology, the site is very intuitive, navigating the virtual galleries was a breeze and the platform ran very smoothly on all the devices I used it with mobile and computers and since it is web-based it’s cross-platform so no need to worry about operating systems.

The showroom has a lot of potential as a tool to extend art experiences to people who cannot access galleries, but also it is a very detailed archival tool, whole exhibitions can be encapsulated and organized in the showroom.

For artists, it can be a creative portfolio, for galleries a marketplace, and for cultural institutions an archive, the showroom morphs to fit the need of the client using it. for the Salons, I had imagined a physical art fair but due to the pandemic that couldn’t happen, The Creative Tribe had worked on their own virtual exhibition “Power” before and I asked whether I could get a similar arrangement and that’s how I was introduced to the showroom, the platform accommodated the salons perfectly as far as virtual experiences go the showroom is very good, powerful simulation tools in the virtual reality exhibitions space captured the atmosphere of an art exhibition and the shop made it possible to sell to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Galleries and artists should look into how the digital can help expand the boundaries of their audiences and how these tools can help them grow markets, gratitude to The Creative Tribe team and 4/01 for bringing the art salons together virtually.

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Written by Mukholi Trevor

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  1. The showroom is undoubtedly our new hope, with the new digital era we have to adjust to such innovations. The “covid-19” pandemic has helped us to re-think life, the world was moving very fast in the wrong direction but it came and put us on a halt. lets, therefore, take this opportunity to evolve and fit into the passe with the rest of the world.

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