Portrait Of Licht

A Solo Show By Libeikhare

The Creative Tribe in partnership with The Innovation Village presents “Portrait of Licht”, a solo exhibition by Libeikhare, curated by Trevor Mukholi.

Libeikhare is an emerging self-taught installation artist originally from Kampala, who is continuously experimenting with new techniques, working using different mediums to create art installations. Her distinct style termed “organic media art” is applied in such diverse projects and environments, she hunts and gathers different recyclable objects from the natural realms in order to re-contextualize them into multi-dimensional- sometimes soothing, sometimes disturbing – but always poetic and sublime artistic compositions. In her installation career, Libeikhare creates site-specific sense-intensive installations using light and fabric, engaging the viewer on several levels making them aware of themselves. She graduated with a BA in Commerce & Information systems and an MBA in Finance: She has spent most of her professional career working in roles that require individual interaction from whom she draws her inspirations.

Libeikhare’s “Portrait of Licht” series explores how light connects people through art, language, innovations, and communications networks, and is a vital enabler for business and education. “Portrait of Licht” shows how light plays an important role in the development and positive evolution of societies, and is essential for maintaining our expanding connectivity to one another. Our lives are enriched by light. And through light, we expand our horizons and enter new worlds.

Artist Statement
“The medium of choice is light, because, as human beings, we are evolutionarily programmed to respond to it. We Are All Made of Light. Light in this installation leads to consideration about how aware we are of the mark we leave behind as we use our light to connect to each other, and the trails left in our culture, society, and our environment. The light in each one of us makes us alike irrespective of our backgrounds, cultures, and traditions. With light, we create memories now and for future generations.  What would it mean to be immersed in this mesh of trails left behind by our light? Can the light we carry inside us help us in the understanding of each other?”

Through this exhibition, The Creative Tribe hopes to engage the public in a new and yet familiar media of art.

The Popup Galley happen at The Innovation Village (TIV) located at Plot 5 Main St., Jinja. The Exhibition will open on 06th  May at 4:00 pm and run through to 9th May. Entrance is free to all Creative Tribe & TIV members, and visuals artists. Anyone not in the aforementioned categories will pay 5,000/= only for entrance.

All Visual Artists in the region who are interested can join The Creative Tribe’s monthly visual arts meetups that will happen every 3rd Thursday of each month. The Visual arts meetup is a peer-to-peer session, free to all visual artists to knowledge share, network, and learn from one another.

About The Creative Tribe
The Creative Tribe is a collective that provides opportunities, tools, and support to creatives.

Contact us
Social: @hicreativetribe
Phone: +256700677340 – Anthony J Thompson, Director
+256786331283 – Nicole Remus, Visual Art Director

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