Archives of the Matter

A solo popup exhibition by Brogan Mwesigwa

In the previous edition of the monthly PopUp Gallery, The Creative Tribe in partnership with The Innovation Village featured renowned illustrator Sarah Marione Ijangolet in a solo show and in a virtual exhibition alongside 10 other female visual artists in a show titled “Power”. This month, The Creative Tribe will feature one of their new members and fresh home-grown talent from Jinja; Mwesigwa Brogan Aaron. His body of work painted on recycled paper is born out of a need that COVID 19 created. The lack of access to his preferred materials.

Mwesigwa’s collection titled “Archives of the Matter” features delicate works on recycled paper that the artist makes himself. He uses paper waste because he believes it’s a way of giving what would have been trash a new image, something rising from nothing.

The artists talked with us about his process and his practice, saying

On the journey of becoming a professional artist, I have been taken in by the way art can resonate with different kinds of people in different situations of life. I share my personal experiences through drawings and paintings, addressing issues such as symbiosis between citizens and the government, picking inspiration from what we face as the youngest population in the world. I see my role as creating works that speak about the connection people have, in relation to their life experiences. I strongly believe in art as a vessel of change that can never be stopped, it just gets stronger and stronger.

The materiality, size, and fragility of Mwesigwa’s paintings lend them a beautiful and ephemeral character that emphasizes the moment in time that they capture. As though they were put together from many different moments and could just as easily crumble away, back into life as we know it. Mwesigwa believes in art as a communication tool,  he believes art can have a significant impact on people’s lives.

The Popup Galley is held at TIV’s Jinja hub located at Plot 5 Main St., Jinja. The Exhibition will open on 1st April at 4:00 pm and run through to 3rd April. Entrance is free to all Creative Tribe & TIV members. Anyone not in the aforementioned categories will pay 5,000/= only for entrance.

 About The Creative Tribe

The Creative Tribe is a collective that provides opportunities, tools, and support to creatives on the African continent

Social: @hicreativetribe

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Written by Nicole Remus

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