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4 Steps To Writing Commercial Video Scripts

If you are starting out making commercial videos it’s quite challenging especially when your background is doing a ceremonial video like weddings and so on. Once you land a client who needs a commercial video for their services or product. The first thing to start with is a brief; getting to him, his service or product, his audience, and many others. You should keep it conversation don’t talk much but try to listen and ask.

Step 1
Your script should address  the problem the target audience is facing

Step 2
Address the solution the product or services provided to a defined problem

Step 3
Talk about how different the product or service is from other competitors

Step 4
Tell the view what to do after watching the video which is termed as a call to action (CTA) e.g call us now, visit our website, etc.

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Written by Jotham S K

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