The Primordial M

A popup gallery feat Sarah M Ijangolet aka The Primordial M

After releasing one of the most culturally relevant online exhibitions, titled “Speak Life” in January, The Creative Tribe again attempt to curate a relevant popup exhibition in celebration of International Women’s Day 2021 for its March popup which opens on 4th March. In partnership with The Innovation Village, The Creative Tribe will feature the famed Ugandan illustrator Sarah M Ijangolet aka The Primordial M.

Illustration is an art form that is strangely absent from galleries. A lot of people believe that Illustration is “commercial art” and therefore not really “Art”. Illustration is designed for reproduction and therefore unlike traditional art, but perhaps infinitely more communicative and publicly accessible. This exhibition will offer the viewer an insight into how the artist creates, stage by stage, and allow a behind-the-scenes experience of the Illustration process.

The Primordial M offers a unique, afro-futuristic angle in her work. She explores mythology and fantasy while infusing a vibrant, young, punk energy into her pieces. M is fascinated by Ugandan folklore and mythology, a lot of her work being an exploration of the rich world of Ugandan fantasy and mythos as passed down from generation to generation. She chooses not to be limited in her depiction of Ugandan deities and supernatural beings, allowing her imagination to stretch and mold their visages and appearances to accommodate how truly extraordinary the tales about them are. In doing so, she hopes to conserve as many of these folk tales as possible.

Aside from being an Illustrator, M is also a graphic designer and is currently based in Kampala, Uganda. She is proficient in Adobe Creative Suite and has been developing proficiency in computer graphics and graphic design since 2016. She likes to create vector illustrations and animated GIFs in her free time and enjoys working in these mediums for her clients. M often illustrates women and is interested in depicting fashion, Afrofuturism, and punk.

The exhibition which opens at 4:00 PM on 4th March at TIV Jinja explores an art form that is underrepresented and celebrates the process of its creation. The opening will be preceded by an artist talk with M and local artists on digital illustration and its creation process.


About The Creative Tribe
The Creative Tribe is a collective of creatives collaborating to facilitate development and showcasing opportunities for the creative community in Jinja.

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