A solo exhibition by Joseph Agaba Haman (JAH)

After hosting our first online exhibition in January title “Speak Life”, featuring Photographer Canon, Painter Julian, and singer/songwriter Anthony Jermaine. The Creative Tribe in partnership with The Innovation Village is excited to present Februarys’ artist and his work. If you followed the JJA exhibition which took place back in December, you will remember that each of our 6 emerging artists was guaranteed a solo show in 2021. This month, we are pleased to present the first artists among our featured artists Joseph Agaba Haman (JAH)

Joseph Agaba Haman (JAH) is a sculpture and mixed media artist whose work explores history and historical works to discuss immortality, fragility, and value.

The exhibition titled “Immortals” is a culmination of a series of works by Joseph Agaba Haman (JAH), made over a decade. These works are being presented for the first time in his first Solo Show. The collection explores history and symbology to discuss immortality, individuality, and political systems. Interestingly, most of JAH’s work can be interpreted as self-portraits and interpretations of his place in society.

JAH’s work falls in the DADA movement; a movement that questions long-held assumptions about what art should be, and how it should be made. It features a collection of sculptures, aluminum reliefs/molds of future works, installations, and concept imagery.

100 years, 200 years, 400 years, 500 years, all the art is dissolved, everything is gone. That’s why I do the metal reliefs in Aluminium; it’s forever, it will never rust, never oxidize, it will be here. The real Mona Lisa is gonna dissolve and disappear but mine will be forever. I don’t have the sketch, I have the golden piece.

The exhibition will run for 3 days beginning at 4:00 pm on Thursday, February 4th. There will be an online version of the gallery accessible at following the closing of the exhibition. The Monthly Popup Gallery is presented by The Creative Tribe, in partnership with The Innovation Village (TIV) Jinja and happens every 1st Thursday of each month.


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