A Human Attempt To Immortality

Being artistic means being rare, unique and captivating. Joseph Agaba Haman (JAH) has lived true to this phenomenon. On his first solo exhibition at The Innovation Village- Jinja, organised by The Creative Tribe that took place on 4th February 2021 from 4-6 PM, his creative flair in placing life, meaning and immortality to metal art pieces fascinated the observers. This is one reason he uses metal in his art pieces. As he previously quoted:

Art is immortal, I won’t touch any art unless it’s something that will be forever. It has taken me a long time to come with these pieces, this my solo exhibition and they may not see it again.

Among the many pieces exhibited, there were those that were indeed sensational. I will begin with the face of Nelson Mandela Madiba, embossed on a metal plate. Mandela is a world leader whose legacy has had a profound impact on South Africa and the world at large. His ingenuity makes him an invaluable figure in the African Political and Revolutionary arena.


The other piece is one that holds within its make the idea of immortality, called ‘Immortals’. This piece features bees in a jar. Bees don’t rot when they die … and the artist goes deeper in upholding the importance of bees to human existence. Without bees, there will be no food for humans hence extinction.

JAH is so passionate about infinite existence, he is also proud of his identity as a Rasta. Through art, he advocates for the legalisation of Marijuana. His collection also featured the painting of Mona Lisa and tops it up with a cigar of weed. He also features himself on a 100 dollar bill. This was back then in 2009, he envisioned himself as president the year Obama was inaugurated as President of USA. He terms this as a divine manifestation that translated to reality.

The most intriguing piece for me is ‘The face of God.’ The piece features a shapeless, formless face alluding to the fact that no one actually knows the face of God. One of the observers affirmed that

For sure everyone has his/her own imagination

The piece is complemented with ‘Black Jesus’ pointing to the right. He forms number seven, the number of creation that is of great significance to JAH.

The exhibition will be up till Saturday 6th Feb. Great shout outs to the curators Nicole Remus and Anthony Jermaine and the rest of the team at The Creative Tribe for the exceptional work done in preparing the exhibition.

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