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Speak Life

An Online Exhibition featuring Canon Rumanzi, Juliano Trabou, & Anthony Jermaine

On the 14th of January, many of us will be waiting in line to cast our vote to determine who’s going to lead Uganda for the next five years. While we do that, the monthly Popup Gallery by The Creative Tribe in partnership with The Innovation Village will be curated online for the 1st time. The decision to have an entirely online exhibition as opposed to the usual … comes on the heel of Uganda’s most recent presidential election.

If 2020 proved anything, it proved that the visual art community in Jinja is on the rise. In December 2020, the partners together held the 1st Jinja Joint Art exhibition; a significant milestone in demonstrating that Jinja-based visual artists are strong contenders and contributors to the growing Ugandan arts industry. The show featured 6 emerging visual artists from the newly inaugurated Stone City that showcased collections using different mediums including painting, metalwork, and clay. To celebrate the new year, the lead-team decided to do something different as well as relevant to the election and transformation of Uganda during the COVID-19 pandemic in which saw more Ugandans opting to take advantage of online platforms.

The exhibition titled “Speak Life” is a socio-political commentary by three distinct voices and world views. It presents messages of hope, love, unity while discussing civil unrest and the social state of mind both locally and globally. It features a photography series by Canon Rumanzi, paintings by Juliano Trabou, and lyrics by Anthony Jermaine.

The online exhibition is named after various references including songs by Damian Marley and Toby Mac, as well as the quote by Brennan Manning; “In every encounter; we either give life, or we drain it. There is no neutral exchange.”

The show’s curator Nicole Remus explains that

This exhibition explores the small choices, the big systems, the blindness, the brutality, the hope, the humour, the irony, and the identity of our society.

She further commented

Its timing is no coincidence either, what better time to discuss socio-politics than election season?

The Online PopUp Gallery will open on the 14th of January at 2:00 pm and will be accessible on and will run through the month of January. The exhibition will start off with an online conversation between the featured artists, the curator and other creatives from around Uganda. This conversation will be broadcast live on Facebook. Join the Facebook event page to be able to get live updates and access the broadcast links

The Monthly Popup Gallery is presented by The Creative Tribe, in partnership with The Innovation Village (TIV) Jinja and happens every 1st Thursday of each month.


About The Creative Tribe
The Creative Tribe is a collective of creatives collaborating to facilitate development and showcasing opportunities for the creative community in Jinja.

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